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First Impressions [furst ∙ im-presh-uhns]

Thomas Moore - Monday, July 20, 2015

How important are first impressions? Trick question, right? On one hand, first impressions are extremely valuable to get a base line idea of what we are talking about. Think of it as when you went to buy your first new car. You looked around the lot for that right car. You are looking for the right color, right body shape, and right style for you. There it is you found it!

Ok, now what? Well, you have to make sure you have all the details about the car don’t you? I mean, just because it looks great, doesn’t mean it has everything you need and want, right? What kind of motor does it have? How much does it cost? How reliable is it? What is the gas mileage? What kind of warranty does it have? These are important questions that need answered before you buy.

We’ve all have heard the adage, style over substance. Style is extremely important, but not everything. Style should make you pay attention to the message. Our eyes are drawn to things that are creative and colorful.

Here’s an example. A few years ago, there was an ad campaign for a local business that basically was just the logo of the business, nothing else. While that not necessarily all bad, it was a new logo that had not taken hold of in the market yet. Two intertwined letters. That’s it and nothing else. While it was stylish and made you take notice, who was it advertising? After about 6 months of true inactivity, they changed the ad to include the name of the business which included what they did in their name. That made a world of difference.

When you talking about first impressions in business, usually that refers to marketing. A great looking site without equally great content lessens the impact sustaining past the first impression. Adversely, you could have of the great information in the world, but if it doesn’t look appealing and professional, very few people will stay. Finding a balance between style and substance is the key.

iSite Bottom Line: Style is crucial, but without a message, it’s pretty. Not informative.

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Flash or HTML Website? What works best for me?

Thomas Moore - Monday, July 06, 2015

This is a tough question that has many layers to answer. There are those on both sides that scream approval for their point of view. What about me? Well, I live by a simple code, “What works best for my client”. Sounds kind of wishy-washy, huh? Actually it’s not. It’s a legitimate answer.

HTML sites are loved by search engines and are easy to put requirements to help grade a site. And boy, are there a lot of requirements. Many things add points to a grade, while adversely there are a lot of negative things to subtract from a score. The trick is to do all of the little things that search engines like.  With more sites needing to be heavily information based, HTML sites are better. In my opinion, I like HTML sites. But, heck, that’s just me.

Flash sites are nice and designers are free to do just about anything when it comes to user interaction and design. Only within the last year or two could you develop flash sites that could be search engine friendly. While these are some really great attributes about flash, there are also pitfalls.

With the advent of user –friendly content management systems (CMS) the clients have greater control over content of their sites, while freeing up designers and developers more time to design and less time doing small text or image changes to a site. Clients love these aspects as it gives them some real control of their sites and an actual feeling of accomplishment. Believe it or not, there are a lot of people that would like to dabble in their site instead of waiting on the designer or developer to make those changes when they could fit it into their schedules.

HTML 5 and CSS3 are now being quickly being developed to replace the current HTML standards. Why is this important? When added to the increasing development and implementation of java script and jquery, the coming soon HTML5 and CSS3 offer amazing options over flash. Being HTML, it is completely search engine friendly and can be accessed via the CMS.

Well, obviously, there is more to this, but hey, how much are you going to read in one sitting. Plus, I got to have some options to write about in the future, right? I’ll write more on this in the future. Keep checking back for more.

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