Blog and Article Writing Columbia, SC

When reviewing your website content and search engine optimization initiative, web logging, or blogging, should be one of the first thing you review.  Blogging is the best way to ensure you have the most up-to-date information related to your business on your website.  It gives your company an instant voice and a way to connect with your customers in real time.  Your blog will also connect to everything you publish on the internet, giving your SEO efforts an instant boost.

Blogs can have multiple “threads” of messages in them, each with a different topic.  You could have one to track the progress of a new product, another tracking the progress of your new building, another that follows recent developments in your industry, another with detailed information on the products your sell, and more.  The posts in the threads are time and date stamped to assure that your customers and the search engines are receiving the most recent information.

Within each of these threads, you have the option to allow your clients to post back to you.  You are able to talk to your customers about a specific topic or problem in real time.  You could discuss new products or services, the features of your new building, or recent developments that may change the way you do business.  You can also use your Blog as an FAQ forum, updating stale answers with today’s solutions.

More importantly, all of your online publications will link back to specific pages in your Blog.  If your customer is reading press release or social media post about your new product, they will be able to click a link that takes them to the page on your blog that discusses that topic.  This makes all of your materials more useful to your clients and enhances your search engine optimization initiative.  The time you spend blogging will pay for itself in online capital by leading more clients to your site.

Obviously, you do not have all day to sit at a computer writing and replying to blog posts.  This is where iSite Multimedia takes the wheel.  During your initial consultation you will be asked about important topics and projects that your company and industry has on the horizon.  Our staff of professional writers will seed your blog for you using your guidance and information from your website.  A schedule will be set with you so that iSite Multimedia can review the pending Blog posts with you and their writers will post them on your behalf.  You are also encouraged to post often as well, after all, your blog is your company’s voice.

iSite Multimedia wants to help you create a unique way to connect with your customers and the search engines.  More importantly, we want to help you do all of that without taking time away from what has already made you successful.  Contact us today to get your Blog working for you.