Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is promoting your site through sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo, and FourSquare.  These sites are growing by the thousands each day and give your business a new kind of instant adoption amongst your customers and their peers.  Word of mouth advertising has now become “Word of Click.”

When you post information or videos to these sites, you are granting folks who have done business with you the ability to let others know that they have done so, in a much more permanent way.  Once your customers have liked, followed or subscribed to you, they will then see any updates you post to your profile.  More importantly, all their “friends” will see what you post as well, meaning you have reached everybody in all of your “friends” groups, and you have instant credibility. 

So how does this really help you?  Social Media updates are instant on long reaching.  If you decide to hold a flash sale, hold or change and event, or simply want to let everybody know about a recent happening, you can post it as it happens.  It can be as simple as text, or a photo, or even a video, and each of these can have a link embedded to drive traffic back to your site.  As we all know, more traffic means more opportunities for sales.

iSite’s Social Media Marketing service provides all of the content that you will need in order to drive traffic as well as continue to optimize your site for the search engines.  You review and approve the content, and iSite can handle the rest.  Your commercials, tutorials, photos from your grand opening, or just little reminders will be crafted and posted on your behalf.  All of this, and you do not have to miss a single moment with your customers.