Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the practice of raising your home page address with the major search engines by demonstrating that your website is the most valuable site in your field of expertise. 

While that really does not explain much, it gives you an idea of how SEO works.  The major search engines “crawl” websites with programs called “Spiders” to ascertain the nature and level of information your site contains.  iSite Multimedia’s SEO Optimization Service ensures that you have the advantage when your site gets “crawled.”  We start with using our website grading service to determine your Search Engine Score, which can rank from 0 to 100.  From there we will create a tailored campaign to raise your site’s rankings to the top of the search engine ladder.  Like anything else on the web, this is a constantly changing process, of which you will be part of the planning and execution throughout the life cycle.  This life cycle includes keywords, targeted press releases, tailored articles, and many other tools to make your web presence stand out amongst your competition.

The most important facet of this process is ensuring that the text on your website contains the proper wording and language to set you apart from your competition.  iSite employs the best and brightest content specialists in the industry to present your site as the highest subject matter expert in your field.  Higher search engine rankings translates in to more clicks which in turn translates into more sales.