Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing, or SEM, is purchasing the rights of the top of the search results page for your industry or specialty. 

Have you ever “Googled” something and gotten your first 4 or 5 results in a little beige box at the top of the screen?  Those are the SEM results for the keywords that the respective firms have bid on in their industry or specialty.  Those firms have a website that they are working through a Search Engine Optimization program, but are also using Search Engine Marketing to direct clients to their site.  Most companies use both tactics to drive their marketing results as having two roads is always better than one.  Unlike SEO, which takes time to develop, SEM can be more immediate based on the words you bid on and how much you bid.  When you couple the two together you are an unstoppable brand in the marketplace.

iSite Multimedia will help optimize your site to take advantage of both of these tools and have your site in the top of the search engine rankings in no time.  Let us create a plan for you to drive more customers to your site and sales into your pocket.