Press Releases Columbia, SC

Grand openings, new buildings, new products and services all need to be given the red carpet treatment.  In today’s technology-rich marketing environment news is updated every minute of every day, and a well-timed press release will make your clients take notice.  iSite Multimedia will help you stay ahead of today’s news cycle and put your company’s developments in the spotlight.

Press releases are written to inform the general public about major developments in an organization.  Then they are distributed to various news sources, including television, radio, conventional print and online to be delivered to the masses, which includes your target client base.  Your new development has now been delivered to the world in rich detail, with company and contact information attached.

Press releases are also written using targeted Search Engine Optimization keywords, to make your business stand even taller to the search engines.  Part of the SEO process is providing informative, educational material in regards to your product, service, or industry to further qualify you as an expert.  By crafting your press releases with this in mind we continue to enhance your standing with the search providers, thus leading more potential clients to your door step.  As we all know, more potential clients means more business in the door.

iSite’s press release service can be there for projects,  moves, mergers or product unveilings, or other news worthy events.  We have years of experience crafting and timing press releases so that arrive to your clients at the precise time.  Our long standing relationships with local, regional and national news distributors ensure that your release reaches your target audience on time, every time.  Contact us today to see how we can help get your company in the spotlight.