Mobile Apps

Not all mobile devices or mobile web browsers are created equal.  Although it may say Chrome, Firefox or Safari, it is really a mobile version of that software and it is looking for mobile version of your website.  Even if you have a well-optimized mobile version of your website, there is no guarantee that the phone will have all of the necessary updates to read your site or enable all of the rich functions that you have installed.

You have a secret weapon at your disposal to level the playing field, the all-important mobile app.  Mobile apps are designed to match with your client’s phone model, software version and even their mobile carrier specifications.  It allows your client to have a rich, tailored shopping experience and allows you to provide interactive and salient information to your audience. 

Nine out of ten mobile searches result in a purchase or in-store visit, and over 50% of shoppers made a special trip to the store to redeem a mobile coupon.  Your mobile app increases the odds that you are capturing your share of this business.  Your app can alert your customers of special sales, coupons, announcements as they happen, just like they received a new email or their Candy Crush lives are replenished.  Emails can go unread for a couple of hours, but the little red badge on your app lets them know that you have delivered something special just for them.  With over 45 available options, we will be able tailor the perfect mobile solution for you and your business.

The best part is all of this is built into your existing website’s dashboard.  No separate login or clumsy porthole, once you login to your website’s dashboard you can access all of these powerful features.  Just a few minutes of training and you will be flying through the pages of your mobile app, and reaping the benefits of having your company logo of the front of your client’s mobile screen.  If you are ready to harness this powerful new web tool, contact us today.