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You have the latest and greatest technology on your website.  You have a contact page, quote tools, email capture, pictures, and even have videos on your home page.  Have you paved the yellow brick road to get there?  The most amazing places in the world still have to have roadmap to get people there.  Just because you build it, does not mean they will come.  That is where iSite Multimedia comes in.

In today’s marketing environment, there three major buzzwords: SEO, SEM and Social Media.  You have heard of all of these initiatives, otherwise you would not be here.  In fact, if you got here through Google you probably came through Search Engine Optimization, or SEO.  You probably bought half of your Christmas gifts through Search Engine Marketing, or SEM.  If you have had a pork rib sandwich from that place with the arches, well you may have gotten there through Facebook, or Social Media Marketing.  If you are a little confused about the differences, join most everyone who works in a field not dedicated to it.

iSite Multimedia specializes in paving the road to your site and will help you make sense of SEO, SEM, and Social Media (Oh MY!).  We understand that your goal is to ultimately make sales and that starts by getting customers to receive your information and then email or pick up the phone.  We will make sure you understand what these tools are and how they impact your web presence.  We will craft a plan that involves these tools to optimize your web presence and bring customers to your site.  Finally, we will help you monitor and understand the results so that together we can adjust your efforts to enable more people to find you on the World Wide Web.