Corporate Branding Columbia, SC

Corporate branding is the symbolic representation of your company, products, values, and goals.  It is what people will envision when they think of your company, so it needs to be carefully thought out, fluid and designed to be applied across several marketing mediums.  This is more than just the shapes and images, but also includes the colors and fonts that it may contain.

Even with today’s technology, there are still limitations to many marketing mediums.  Certain fonts are only available in print, some are only available in PDF pages and many fonts will not work in the body of websites.  What looks good on the front page of the paper may be blurry on your website.  The same goes for colors.  You need to make sure your marketing team understands the importance of using the proper PMS color management practices to ensure that that amazing logo can become a captivating advertisement in conventional publications and pop-out when your customers visit you online.

Even more important is ensuring that your logo designs fit your corporate culture, your products and mission.  You would not want to confuse people by misrepresenting your company to the world left only to change your branding and start all over.  When you work with iSite Multimedia, they start with a consultative interview to understand what makes your company amazing.  Once they understand who you are and what your goals are, they will work with you to craft a multitude of options for you to review.  Once you have found the proper centerpiece for your company and marketing they will ensure that it will work with all available marketing mediums, even it is not currently part of your marketing initiative.  Much like your business, your marketing plan is fluid and will change based on customer demand and business demands.  Your branding must be able to flow across all mediums from its inception, and iSIte Multimedia’s team will work with you to ensure this fluidity.

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