Audio Production Columbia, SC

There is another medium that has to be considered when crafting a complete marketing campaign.  Yes, that little box on your desk and blaring in the car.  Radio is the number 1 passive medium during the day.  People at their desk, commuting to and from work, and when you at lunch, the radio is almost always on.  If you think that you cannot do some really cool things with your audio production, then think again.

Those captivating sound effects and memorable jingles do not come out of thin air.  They are designed and crafted specifically to differentiate themselves from the surrounding sounds and make the listener’s ear perk up.  When iSite Multimedia creates an audio file, special attention to every detail is made.

The voice of the talent, the words used, the music, and even the background effects are scrutinized to ensure that your audience can envision your message in their mind, and solidify the emotion in their being.  Think of all of the little ads and jingles you probably hum in the shower or car.  Yes, with the proper planning your brand can be next song stuck on in the minds of your customers. 

Let us show you how you can greet your customers wherever they are, and how it can turn into them greeting you.