Ad Placement Columbia, SC

Your new commercial looks amazing and you ready to get it on the air for the world to see.  Do you know which television station needs to air it?  Well, we do.

iSite Multimedia has an exclusive partnership with Shull Media Partners to ensure that your commercials are delivered to your target audience with hunter precision.  With over 30 years of experience, Shull Media Partners will put your spot on the right medium, at the right time, every time.  Knowing when to capture your audience is their specialty and they pride themselves on creating a positive return on your investment.  After all, what good is a commercial if your customer does not see or hear it?

Using tried and true demographics and viewing charts, the placement team will work with you to refine your ad placement.  They will help you determine the channel or station, time of day, the shows with which to couple it, and even how many times it needs to run.  All of this will be done with your budget in mind with the goal do adding a lot of bang for every buck.

Let us show you how proper ad placement can turn your commercial into television and/or radio gold.